Bat Tape Techniques

Have you ever swung a bat and it slips out of your hands, flies across the field, and lands somewhere in your dugout? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. The problem is that the bat doesn’t have enough grip. A quick remedy to this problem is … taping the bat’s handle.

Taping a bat can be as complex or as simple as a person makes it, but if the appearance of the bat is a priority, then the time it takes to tape the bat will increase dramatically. There are simple ways of taping a bat and also exciting, complex tape techniques.

Perhaps the most fundamental method is just completely wrapping the handle with one piece of tape.

basic technique

However, a more common and stylistic technique uses tape to make “x’s” across the bat’s handle.

Criss Cross Method

To tape a bat like this, follow these instructions:

  1. Tear a long piece of tape, length is the distance from the knob to just before the barrel
  2. Cut the tape in half so that it is not as thick but still the same length
  3. Place one strip at an angle from the knob and wrap up the handle
  4. Repeat for the second strip
  5. Tape the ends of the strips so they won’t fall off

Once these two techniques are mastered, one can start playing around with tape techniques and create a unique, personal, and advanced way of taping. Personally, I tape my bats following the crisscross method, but I also add some flare to the technique.

My Variation

Don’t be afraid to add your own style and play around with taping your bat. Now when you swing, you can rest assured that the bat will remain glued to your hands and not fly off.

Happy swingin’!


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