Pine Tar: Liquid vs. Solid

Tiger Stick Pine Tar

Last post I featured various bat tape techniques to enhance the grip of a bat. However, tape is not the only method that increases the stickiness of a bat. Players everywhere will agree that the best way to make a bat sticky is by using pine tar. The biggest issue about pine tar though: liquid versus stick.

The two major types of pine tar are liquid and a solid stick of pine tar. From my personal experience, stick pine tar is better than liquid pine tar. The solid form is much more cost effective and provides a perfect amount of stickiness. Liquid pine tar probably is more “grippy” but the total cost for the liquid and materials needed to put the pine tar on the bat (special rags to apply and remove the tar) outweighs the longevity of the product. I have experimented with different pine tars and found that Tiger stick works the best. Use to buy Tiger stick brand pine tar for the lowest price and best quality.

Although every person has their own way to apply pine tar, the most common method (and the one I use) goes as follows:

1. Open pine tar

2. Rub pine tar below the barrel but above where you put your hands. There should be about three or four inches of product lengthwise on the bat and it should wrap around the entire bat.

3. Rub hands (with batting gloves on if  they are used) on the pine tar and get ready to swing

below the barrel, above the handle

It’s fairly straightforward. The use of pine tar will help improve grip which allows a batter to swing faster and harder.

Happy swingin’!


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