Okay, does anyone like blisters? No? I didn’t think so, and I know that I REALLY don’t like blisters. They’re gross, aggravating, and amazingly painful; but no matter how much people dislike or even hate them, blisters will always exist. But, from my personal experience I’ve found there are a few different ways to solve the irritating problem of blisters.

Whenever I start swinging or throwing too often, I notice that blisters
rs form on my hands. The best treatment for a blister is to prevent it. What i mean is that baseball players shouldn’t take too much time off in the off-season. If you keep throwing and swinging regularly then you’re hands will always be conditioned and blister-free. Also, use batting gloves!!! They cover your hands and protect them too.

Now I’m not a doctor so I do NOT want to mislead any of my readers or lead them to harm themselves, so I’ll provide a link on other ways to solve the issue of blisters after you get them. But, one method that works for me when I have a blood blister is to use a needle to bleed it out, so you can try that as long as you are VERY careful!

Here’s a link with other ways to solve your blister problems: Get Rid of Blisters!

Stay tuned for more everyday baseball problems and discussions!

Happy swingin’!


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