Rubber-arm syndrome

So, the fall baseball season is officially over for me, which means winter workouts are about to start up. Like most baseball players who want to actually become the best athlete they possibly can, I’ve been doing some work on my own. Mostly I’ve been just lifting and getting stronger so, you know, I can hit the ball further and throw farther. But then I realized, the best way to throw farther is to strengthen my arm. And how do I strengthen my arm? Throwing. So, I decided to do some long-toss with one of my buddies; we each haven’t thrown for awhile since the season ended. You can guess what happens next. We start throwing and really stretching out our arms, it feels good to throw, but eventually we stop. In the next few minutes I realize that my arm is starting to feel funny. If you play baseball, you know what happens next! My arm starts to feel like rubber and I then know that I have a sore arm. 


Sore arms are a lot like other minor injuries in baseball, the best way to solve it is to prevent it. Stretching is REALLY important, never skip over it or just “do it real quick.” Take the time to stretch and it’ll be worth it, I promise! But let’s go back to the sore arm thing. It happens to everyone and once it does, everyone wants it to go away, and fast! There’s not one thing that can instantly cure a sore arm, but icing and ibuprofen are the best tools that I’ve found that actually work.


Remember though, sometimes a sore arm is a good thing! You want your arm to be a little sore after each day of throwing so that it’ll become stronger, but blowing out your arm repeatedly is never a good thing! Be smart, stay safe, and have fun!


Happy throwin’!


P.S. I’m moving back to discussion-like and “vs.” blogs soon so don’t go anywhere! And don’t be afraid to leave a comment or start a discussion!!!



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