(Don’t) Wash your hat!

Am I superstitious? More than you would believe! Superstition is the motive for a lot of what I do in baseball, like licking my fingers before every pitch and blowing a bubble before every at bat. It’s not logical, but it works! Most importantly though, superstition in the reason why I never, EVER wash my hat.

My hat is pretty gross after the summer season, but I refuse to wash it. Cleaning your baseball hat of sweat is like erasing somebody’s memory. There are good parts of a person’s memory and dark, bad parts, but the memory is what shapes someone. Washing your hat erases that diving play you made to save the game, the one error you wish you could have back, and everything that shaped you as a player.

So go ahead, wash your hat if it grosses you out, but know this: the amount of sweat on your brim shows the amount of character you have.

Go hard.


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