Watch your Wrists

Why do people wear sweatbands? Why do they tape their wrists? Why do they do this, or that? Sometimes it has a reason, but most of the time it’s just to look good. And that’s what baseball players are all about, looking fresh and fine.

Evo Shield – Purple

Every baseball player dresses differently, nobody ever wants to be the same. I don’t wear my hat the same way that a pitcher does, or an outfielder, or anybody for that matter. I like to look different, and that’s why I wear certain things on my wrist.

Personally, I think that there’s two options when it comes to wrist-gear: tape or Evo Shield. I like the Evo Shields because they not only look amazing (and you can customize it to your favorite/team color) but they also provide protection. As a first basemen, and for any infielder, sometimes ground-balls can jump up on you and hit you in the wrist. That hurts SO badly. The Evo Shield protects your wrist and looks good while doing it.

But………. there’s always the classic version of just taping your wrists. I like to tape my wrists only when I forget my Evo Shield, but there’s nothing wrong with tape! It fixes everything, and make it look athletic too.
Look fresh, play well.

Happy swingin’

– Franco

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