Old School or Modern Era?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … ball players wore their socks high. Some people still do it, but people generally wear low socks in this era. But, the question is: which version is better?

Personally, I wear my socks super low with baggy pants. Why? It’s comfy, and I just like the look of it. But, some of my teammates wear their socks high, mostly pitcher

s (and we all know about pitchers). Some can actually look good with high socks, but others have no business doing it. Piece of advice: if you have chicken-legs, don’t wear high socks!


It’s really just a preference on how to wear socks. Some like them high because they just like it, and some wear stirrups for no particular reason;others wear lows socks just because they can. Figure out what suits your style, but keep in mind that if you have skinny legs that aren’t muscular, high socks won’t do you good!

Happy swingin’!


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