Old School or Modern Era?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … ball players wore their socks high. Some people still do it, but people generally wear low socks in this era. But, the question is: which version is better?

Personally, I wear my socks super low with baggy pants. Why? It’s comfy, and I just like the look of it. But, some of my teammates wear their socks high, mostly pitcher

s (and we all know about pitchers). Some can actually look good with high socks, but others have no business doing it. Piece of advice: if you have chicken-legs, don’t wear high socks!


It’s really just a preference on how to wear socks. Some like them high because they just like it, and some wear stirrups for no particular reason;others wear lows socks just because they can. Figure out what suits your style, but keep in mind that if you have skinny legs that aren’t muscular, high socks won’t do you good!

Happy swingin’!


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Overkill on Sweatbands

Too Many Sweatbands!I’m not cynical or anything, but players really need to take it easy on the sweatbands. I’ve seen guys with sweatbands covering their entire arm, like a sleeve of sweatbands. There’s no need for that!

Sure, sweatbands are helpful and can look good, but there is a certain point where enough is enough. Sweatbands, believe it or not, are designed to absorb the sweat your body produces. There’s no way that one person can need 12 sweatbands. Not a chance.

Some advice for ball players everywhere: a little bit of something is good, but too much of one thing is bad.

Happy swingin’!

– Franco

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Chilly is good!

I’m not a fair-weather fan…at all. I love being cold, and coldness actually helps baseball players!

Unlike most people, I have two best friends instead of one: ibuprofen and ICE. Both are really helpful in getting rid of sore arms, but icing is also important for injury prevention.

Personally, I ice my throwing arm every night. I recommend the same for any other high school player, but BE CAREFUL! There it’s such a thing as “over-icing,”and it hurts like none other. Make sure there is a layer of something, like a thin towel, between the skin and the ice, and only ice for fifteen minute intervals.

Better arm = stronger throwing.

Happy throwin’!


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Watch your Wrists

Why do people wear sweatbands? Why do they tape their wrists? Why do they do this, or that? Sometimes it has a reason, but most of the time it’s just to look good. And that’s what baseball players are all about, looking fresh and fine.

Evo Shield – Purple

Every baseball player dresses differently, nobody ever wants to be the same. I don’t wear my hat the same way that a pitcher does, or an outfielder, or anybody for that matter. I like to look different, and that’s why I wear certain things on my wrist.

Personally, I think that there’s two options when it comes to wrist-gear: tape or Evo Shield. I like the Evo Shields because they not only look amazing (and you can customize it to your favorite/team color) but they also provide protection. As a first basemen, and for any infielder, sometimes ground-balls can jump up on you and hit you in the wrist. That hurts SO badly. The Evo Shield protects your wrist and looks good while doing it.

But………. there’s always the classic version of just taping your wrists. I like to tape my wrists only when I forget my Evo Shield, but there’s nothing wrong with tape! It fixes everything, and make it look athletic too.
Look fresh, play well.

Happy swingin’

– Franco

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(Don’t) Wash your hat!

Am I superstitious? More than you would believe! Superstition is the motive for a lot of what I do in baseball, like licking my fingers before every pitch and blowing a bubble before every at bat. It’s not logical, but it works! Most importantly though, superstition in the reason why I never, EVER wash my hat.

My hat is pretty gross after the summer season, but I refuse to wash it. Cleaning your baseball hat of sweat is like erasing somebody’s memory. There are good parts of a person’s memory and dark, bad parts, but the memory is what shapes someone. Washing your hat erases that diving play you made to save the game, the one error you wish you could have back, and everything that shaped you as a player.

So go ahead, wash your hat if it grosses you out, but know this: the amount of sweat on your brim shows the amount of character you have.

Go hard.


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Rubber-arm syndrome

So, the fall baseball season is officially over for me, which means winter workouts are about to start up. Like most baseball players who want to actually become the best athlete they possibly can, I’ve been doing some work on my own. Mostly I’ve been just lifting and getting stronger so, you know, I can hit the ball further and throw farther. But then I realized, the best way to throw farther is to strengthen my arm. And how do I strengthen my arm? Throwing. So, I decided to do some long-toss with one of my buddies; we each haven’t thrown for awhile since the season ended. You can guess what happens next. We start throwing and really stretching out our arms, it feels good to throw, but eventually we stop. In the next few minutes I realize that my arm is starting to feel funny. If you play baseball, you know what happens next! My arm starts to feel like rubber and I then know that I have a sore arm. 


Sore arms are a lot like other minor injuries in baseball, the best way to solve it is to prevent it. Stretching is REALLY important, never skip over it or just “do it real quick.” Take the time to stretch and it’ll be worth it, I promise! But let’s go back to the sore arm thing. It happens to everyone and once it does, everyone wants it to go away, and fast! There’s not one thing that can instantly cure a sore arm, but icing and ibuprofen are the best tools that I’ve found that actually work.


Remember though, sometimes a sore arm is a good thing! You want your arm to be a little sore after each day of throwing so that it’ll become stronger, but blowing out your arm repeatedly is never a good thing! Be smart, stay safe, and have fun!


Happy throwin’!


P.S. I’m moving back to discussion-like and “vs.” blogs soon so don’t go anywhere! And don’t be afraid to leave a comment or start a discussion!!!



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Okay, does anyone like blisters? No? I didn’t think so, and I know that I REALLY don’t like blisters. They’re gross, aggravating, and amazingly painful; but no matter how much people dislike or even hate them, blisters will always exist. But, from my personal experience I’ve found there are a few different ways to solve the irritating problem of blisters.

Whenever I start swinging or throwing too often, I notice that blisters
rs form on my hands. The best treatment for a blister is to prevent it. What i mean is that baseball players shouldn’t take too much time off in the off-season. If you keep throwing and swinging regularly then you’re hands will always be conditioned and blister-free. Also, use batting gloves!!! They cover your hands and protect them too.

Now I’m not a doctor so I do NOT want to mislead any of my readers or lead them to harm themselves, so I’ll provide a link on other ways to solve the issue of blisters after you get them. But, one method that works for me when I have a blood blister is to use a needle to bleed it out, so you can try that as long as you are VERY careful!

Here’s a link with other ways to solve your blister problems: Get Rid of Blisters!

Stay tuned for more everyday baseball problems and discussions!

Happy swingin’!


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